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Customer Information

For information about Firm Storage Services:


John Fortman
Director, Commercial Services
630.245.7845 office
630.399.1022 cell 

For information about Daily Activities:

Golden Triangle Storage
Jason Evans
Manager, Commercial Operations
713.300.5121 office
281.740.9219 cell

For information about Scheduling:

Darryl Kilpatrick 
Senior Analyst, Scheduling
630.245.7847 office
630.303.1357 cell


Central Valley has filed its tariff with the California Public Utilities Commission. Click here to view our currently effective tariff. 

For questions regarding the tariff, or to request one or more specific prior version tariff sheets no longer in effect, please contact:

John Boehme
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC
3333 Warrenville Rd., Suite 300
Lisle IL, 60532
fax: 630.245.7835

CVGS Facility Configuration

Click here for: CVGS Interconnections and Configuration (PDF)

For more information on Central Valley Gas Storage, click here