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Central Valley Gas Storage Operations

About: Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC, (CVGS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, through support and management provided by Pivotal Energy Development, is a market area natural gas storage facility in the Sacramento River valley of north-central California. Located in the town of Princeton, California, the facility interconnects with the natural gas transmission system of Pacific Gas and Electric. We are a high deliverability depleted reservoir that provides multi-turn services tailored to customers' requirements.

Capacity: Central Valley obtained CPUC certification to convert the depleted Princeton Gas Field into a high-deliverability, multi-cycle storage field. Central Valley developed the field to provide up to 11 Bcf of working gas capacity. The field has a maximum withdrawal and injection capability of up to 300 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd).

Central Valley Gas Map

Convenience: Depleted reservoir storage utilizes a depleted underground natural gas reservoir that originally contained oil and/or gas. Gas is injected back into the depleted reservoir in order to re-fill the reservoir. The withdrawal process for the gas in storage normally replicates the process originally used to produce gas from the reservoir in the first place. The conversion of a depleted gas reservoir for storage use traditionally involves drilling many new wells that enables a more rapid withdrawal of gas than was originally used to deplete the reservoir.

Only 13.5 percent of the natural gas California uses comes from in-state production. The remainder is delivered by pipeline from several production areas in the western United States and Canada. Once the gas arrives in California, it is distributed by the state's three major gas utilities. Central Valley will be connected to PG&E's transmission system. The connection with PG&E provides Central Valley customers with access to Alberta, Rockies, San Juan, and Permian gas supply through the many pipelines that tie into PG&E. Central Valley also has access to potential supplies from new LNG facilities being developed on the West Coast.

Services: Central Valley can provide various services under its intrastate jurisdictional tariff on behalf of shippers. Depending on its customer requirements, CVGS can provide the following services:

  • Firm and Interruptible storage services
  • Provide injection, withdraw, park and loan, and dome swap services to our customers

Central Valley has direct connection to the highly liquid trading point known as the PGE Citygate Pool through its physical connection to the PG&E Line 400/401.  Customers doing business at Central Valley can execute at the PG&E Citygate pool without additional cost to or from PG&E when contracting with Central Valley.

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