JISH Storage Capacity Requests

Located near the Henry Hub, JISH consists of two salt dome storage caverns with 7.2 million Dth of working gas capacity, 720,000 Dth/day withdrawal capacity and 360,000 Dth/day injection capacity.

An intrastate facility, with Section 311 authority to provide interstate transportation, JISH currently provides storage and hub services through direct connection to the Henry Hub via Sabine Pipeline and interconnections with eight other pipelines:

  • Texas Gas Transmission
  • Columbia Gulf Transmission
  • Sea Robin Pipeline
  • Tennessee Gas Pipeline
  • Gulf South Pipeline
  • NGPL
  • Trunkline
  • Crosstex LIG

The facility's header system enables natural gas flow optimization. All of JISH’s interconnections have design capacities of at least 200,000 Dth/day and all but one is bi-directional for easy injection and convenient withdrawal capability. JISH also provides compression and 15 miles of dual 16-inch pipelines that provide interchange capabilities for the facility's nine large-capacity interconnections.

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